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Ke$ha’s real voice

Living proof that Hollywood kills talent.



Saw this so long ago but it’s unbelievably relevant. Not just Hollywood, but many record companies that force their will on the artists that are actually really good. 

I’m sorry but if you think Ke$ha is making anything other than exactly the music she wants to be making, you and I are gonna have words.

Ke$ha grew up in Nashville in a lower middle class family of hippies with strong opinions on spirituality and integrity. She was raised by a single mom who made money, but not much, by writing songs, and music was always a huge part of her life. She was considered white trash by the other kids at her school, and the large population of bible-beaters used to mock her for her weird clothes and alleged skanky reputation.

After all that, she now gets to support herself and her family by making bank writing hugely popular songs about how she doesn’t care if you think she’s trashy because she’s true to herself and won’t apologize for wanting to dance, get laid, and live life the way she believes life should be lived. If that’s not a fucking fairytale ending, I don’t know what is. And I don’t know why you’re trying to erase her role in her own success by acting like some big shot record label executive chose this path for her…like otherwise, she would only ever release strummy acoustic ballads like she’s on some Taylor Swift shit?

I’m not saying this song isn’t beautiful. And I have ears, so I’m not going to argue that it’s not a significant departure from her usual stuff…but why does it automatically qualify as “better” music? How come just because you personally don’t enjoy something, it can be dismissed as having no merit? You sound like a basic white dude who reads Pitchfork.

This song does demonstrate more of her vocal talent than the auto-tuned electro club bangers that she put out on her first album, I’ll give you that. But nobody killed that vocal talent…she still has it. She also has songwriting talent, which she demonstrates by writing all those absurdly catchy hits of hers, as well as songs for other artists. She also has a lot of material you probably haven’t bothered to listen to, including a lot of guitar-driven Southern-rock-influenced tracks on her latest album, and a devastatingly tender cover of Bob Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice. She has plenty of freedom to make whatever music she wants, because her whole life is about doing whatever she wants. Don’t underestimate the power of that. It’s not a small thing for a young woman who is considered crass and unlikeable by so many to become so successful.

Nobody is forcing their will on Ke$ha. If anyone tried to, she’d kick their ass. She’d probably kick yours too, given the opportunity.

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