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Hey internet,

So I know I just asked you for money to replace my stolen shit, but that was when the worst thing that had happened to me was a jacked laptop. Now I’m asking you for money for a much more serious reason.

On Monday (yes, three days after our house was broken into), one of my close friends committed suicide.

I live in Oakland, California and they lived in Chicago. I feel like I need to get back there to see our remaining family and attend the memorial. Unfortunately, because this is so close to Christmas, the plane ticket will run me at least 800 dollars. 

If there is any way you could contribute to me getting back to my wolf pack so we can mourn together, I would be so incredibly grateful. 

If y’all give me more than I need for the ticket, the extra money will go towards my memorial tattoo for this incredible, amazing human that I already miss so fucking much. 

Click here to donate, please.

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    help my friend out if you can, please!
  10. howodd5ever said: i’m so sorry for your loss <3 i really wish i had something to give you. :(
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    Gus keeps getting shit on so if y’all have any $ it would be cool to help her cause she’s the best I love her so much...
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