the nerdiest anarchist in the garrison

I literally only talk about anarchy, Supernatural, and pop punk. Sometimes there's fat issues. Mostly it's Dean Winchester feelings and advocating for total liberation.
My entire dash is thin people right now, literally every single human in every picture is someone thin (and predominantly white and visibly able-bodied), and I cannot express to you how tiring that is and I wish I could just let you all see what the inside of my head looks like when I am subjected to only thin bodies for hours/days/weeks at a time because it looks like the worst tornado of eating disorder/self hate in the world and maybe this is why people with eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness maybe?

But I’m sure it’s just so offensive to you that a fat person says she doesn’t want to see thin people right now.

literally a minute and I lost 2 followers I seriously love that I LOVE how fat people don’t get to be angry and annoyed.

I don’t want to see or be seen by thin people.


one time someone i liked told me they no longer identified as a girl, and after that i stopped like getting my feelings hurt about them because not girls don’t have as strong of a hold on me as girls do

  • mainstream gay rights movement: gay people don't want to destroy society, haha, don't worry
  • me: wElLLlL