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Legit stunned Jensen Ackles and I agree on at least ONE THING.

also lol btw, if you’re gonna show up to my territory (the Midwest is all mine) and mean mug me and ~~~push past me~~~ and talk shit while looking over at me, maybe make sure you’re not at an event being run by my close friends and family.


by Ellyn Touchette

so let me make you this analogy, yeah? let’s say this thing we’ve both got is like, a komodo dragon or some shit, alright? so he calls me and says he can’t keep me and the komodo dragon, and I’m all like listen, I can take it for you for a while except he says no again and again, thinks this fucking lizard is killing us and I mean he’s probably right but I mean how many people do you find who’ve got dragons like your dragons? or like, think of it like this: he calls me and tells me that I’m a real great gal all kinds of times but we’re just never going to make it work because he’s leaving me for a komodo dragon and okay listen, fuck this metaphor, what I’m saying is that it happened like this: there I was, finally found someone like me, someone exactly like me on some ridiculous level, and he wants out because we’re killing each other and he’s completely goddamned right but for some reason I just want to keep being lonely around him until I just die or some shit and did you how know deadly komodo dragons are? mouths full of deadly shit so that’s pretty interesting, right?


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My supervisor and I have this weird energy where I think we both dislike each other immensely but I’m not sure why and we keep trying to be really friendly to each other but it just seems off. It is way weird and uncomfortable and I cannot figure it out at all.

Except today I walked into her office to ask a question and she turned her chair to face me and she was wearing glasses and in my head I thought, “Oh dear god no.”

Oh no she’s hotttttttttttt



I want to talk about why the Animorphs may be my first exposure to anarchy and militancy and how it might be my “root”.

  1. The books are about a group of children fighting an incredibly powerful, well-organized, hierarchical group of genocidal slave owners. 
  2. Their grasp of security culture is better than 90% of anarchists I know right now. They don’t tell you where they live. They don’t tell you their real names. They don’t talk about animorphary on the phones or on the computer. 
  3. Remember the 90s when books and shows had actual people of color as MAIN CHARACTERS? I do. The Animorphs are a super diverse group of kids and their varied identities include poor, black, latino, femme, women, foster kid, middle class, white, and frankly I always read Tobias as a person of color but I can’t remember if I were eventually proven correct.
  5. They don’t trust cops. Or politicians. Or principals. Or grown ups at all. 
  6. Rachel is one of the best female characters ever. She’s pretty and popular and people read her as ditzy which she ALLOWS AND ENCOURAGES because she’s actually the toughest bitch ever. Many times the male characters describe her as scary, as the toughest and strongest one of them all, and I’ll always remember how one character (Jake) says something to the effect of how becoming an Animorph was the best thing to ever happen to her because truly she is a warrior. But she still loves fashion and dating and that’s presented as completely fine. 

So in conclusion, the Animorphs books are about a small affinity group with magic powers to change into animals so they can kill genocidal slave owners in a secret guerilla war. 

The best, man. The best. 

I’m really glad this post is getting notes again because I still feel VERY STRONGLY ABOUT ANIMORPH ANARCHY



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Sad that you feel that way too, also kinda glad I’m not alone.

I haven’t even finished season 9 yet. I haven’t finished it. I have watched seasons 1-6 from pilot to finale 7 times (not an exaggeration) and I can’t even force myself to finish season 9.

Oh, I’m sorry first-person-to-show-interest-in-me-in-my-general-vicinity-in-over-a-year, I can’t go to the punk show with you, I have to re-watch Attack on Titan and cry about how Levi Ackerman isn’t real and eat this poptart I bought for lunch but couldn’t finish. Maybe next time.

tonight a real cute girl who thinks I’m cute (which hasn’t happened in like a year) asked if I wanted to go to a show happening L I T E R A L L Y 75 yards away from my front door and I had to tell her I was already in bed in my pjs. It was 9:30.